Please listen to our radio interview

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3pm today at, I’ll be interviewing Mayor Dave Turner and Lindy Peters to talk about the situation in Otsuchi, what we are doing about it and what you can do to help.

Please listen at 3pm PST today at  If you miss the live broadcast it will be available on iTunes and I’ll post a link to that here as soon as it’s available (usually within 24 hours).


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2 Responses to Please listen to our radio interview

  1. Kazu Kogure says:

    I am a scientist working at Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo. We have our International Coastal Research Center at Otsuchi. It’s really devastating, although all the staff, students were safe. We will surely try our best to recover our center in the town. There will be, however, many obstacles and problems to do that. Anyway, I appreciate that people in Fort Bragg are concerned with our disaster.

  2. Linwood F. Peters says:

    Hi there! I visited your institute in 1997 and found it fascinating. I was a guest of Otsuchi as Mayor of Ft. Bragg. My invitation coincided with the Marine Convention that was held in October of that year and included a visit from the Emperor and Empress. We are glad to hear that your staff and students are safe!
    Lindy Peters
    Ft. Bragg

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