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The Otsuchi Recovery Fund is a segregated account of The Fort Bragg Otsuchi Cultural Exchange Association (FBOCEA), a local organization that for ten years has organized exchanges of groups of high school students between Fort Bragg and Otsuchi, Japan. We are raising funds to support the recovery of Otsuchi.

All funds donated to the Otsuchi Recovery Fund will go directly to the municipal government of Otsuchi. They have been our partner in Japan on the exchange program. We know we can trust them to use the funds for the most pressing needs of the people of Otsuchi. 100% of your donation will go to Otsuchi. No overhead costs are taken out. No printing, no salaries, no overhead.

FBOCEA is a not for profit public benefit corporation. Tax deductible donations may be deposited directly into the Otsuchi Recovery Fund account at any branch of the Mendo Lake Credit Union, by Paypal on this website or mailed to PO Box 1017, Fort Bragg, CA 95437.

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14 Responses to About the Fund

  1. Katie Zukoski says:

    Thank you for doing this. It has been hard to know who to give to & we all want to help.

  2. Mitsuko says:

    I do appreciate your effort for aiding Otsuchi fund raising effort. I am from Japan and I have family members in Japan. I care so much about people who are going through a vast devastation. I would like to donate for this cause with heartbeat. Thank you for your kind heart in Fort Bragg.

    • sharondavis says:

      Mitsuko, thank you very much. I hope your family in Japan is ok. It is heartbreaking what the people there are going through.

      • Greg Nuber says:

        Are the towns of Japan affected by the tsunami in need of high quality, recyclable containers that can be used for drinking water, grain, as toilets, hazardous waste, specialty chemicals, barriers, small bulkheads, etc. If so, please contact me as I know a person who owns a company that is willing to donate to the cause this new product to the tune of $7K. What is asked for in return are a few good photos and feedback on the performance of the product. Interested?

        Thank you for your assistance.

  3. Chris Pugh says:

    I just learned about Fort Bragg’s sister city in Japan yesterday, I picked up a ‘Support Otsuchi’ teeshirt at a local shop and will be sending a donation in soon.

  4. Jon Chynoweth says:

    My wife (Kathleen) and a small church group created quite a few small girls dresses destined for those Japanese girls that lost everything in the tragedy. She has yet to find where to actually send them.

    Perhaps the little girls of Otsuchi could use them.

    Please let us know if this is possible.

  5. Kim Cavallo says:

    We would love to send needed items to Otsuchi. We will also send donation checks, but we are having a gathering on October 16 and I would like to have our guests collect, pack and ship items for the Otsuchi Recovery Efforts.

  6. Lola Ross says:

    I grew up in Fort Bragg, and my parents still live in the area. I just made my donation, and I only wish I could give more. Watching the 60 Minutes segment made me so incredibly proud of my hometown, and so impressed with the survivors of Otsuchi who are hanging in there. I am so happy you are organizing this! Thank you!

  7. Marcia haigh says:

    My son’s school would like to do a school supply drive for your sister town. Do you have a contact or know if that is currently needed?

  8. On March 2nd the Fort Bragg library will participate in the nationwide Read Across America Dr. Seuss’ birthday! One of the activities involves a book swap. We will have children bring in gently loved books that they would like to trade for a gently loved Dr. Seuss book! We would like to send the books the children bring in to Otsuchi. Though they are in English we know their bright pictures and comic book like characters will be well received.

    Is there an address or vehicle for assuring the books reach Otsuchi and the children?

    Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.
    judith kayser

    • sharondavis says:

      Thank you Judith. What a wonderful thing to do! I will find out who we should send them to and let you know.

      Thanks again!

  9. My daughters and I visited my cousin, who was stationed at Fort Bragg, several years ago. We enjoyed our tour of the base and our stay with my cousin and her husband. We were surprised to hear about Otsuchi, as we usually only hear or read about Fukushima and it’s surrounding neighborhoods. Thanks to our customer (Carla M.) , we were made aware of your site, after she had placed an order with us. We, here in Little Tokyo-Los Angeles, have made many efforts to help with fund raising for Japan. Our family, though our websites, Japan Super, Jizake Center & Sake House USA and my son’s restaurant, Oiwake, has sponsored several successful events. Should you be interested in setting up a fund-raiser, on any of our sites (at no cost to your group), I would be happy to set it up for you. Bless your group and their on-going efforts.

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