♥ The List of Hope: Otsuchi Survivors ♥

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I am going to keep a running list of survivors here so that it’s all in one place. Check frequently, as survivors are being added to the lists being translated every day. If you find information on someone, please send me all the information you have VIA email, including where you found it. Please don’t post it here as I want to make sure only verified survivors are added. Thanks! 

Ken Sasaki and family
Mariko Michimata (Owner of the Kotobuki Hotel)
Shouhei Michimata (her son)
Satoshi Seki
Fumitaka Numazaki
Mitsuko Uchikanezaki
Kinuko Tanaka
Rina Abe and her entire family
Rie Michimata and family
Hikaru Kotake
Hitomi Omori (lives in Morioka but her parents in Otsuchi are ok)
Ayumi Abe, Asami Abe and family
Marii Sasaki
Chikuko from Cat’s Eye
Junichi Ogasawara
Ami Sugaya
Deputy Mayor Akira Masa
Shin Oikawa
Masae Oikawa
Aki Oikawa
Yuki Oikawa
Yurino Nakai
Nana Sugaya
Kiyoko Sugaya
Etuko Sugaya
Taro Sato and family
Sera Sasaki
Natsumi Itou
Sayaka Ogawa
Shoma Zaitsu, parents and Grandfather
Noriko Yusa
Norika Sakashita
Moe Takada and family
Mizuki Sekiya
Masaaki Tobai
Hideo Okamoto
Shigenori Abe
Masahiro Oguni (and family)
Taishi Oguni (and family)
Mimori Ikarigawa
Satoko Kariya and family
Fumie Sasaki
Kazumasa Sasaki
Akiko Yamazaki
Torao Sasaki
Michiko Sasaki
Miwa Sasaki
Kiri Michimata and her husband
Chiyo Yamazaki and her father
Jun and his mother, from the Coffee Shop
Yukito Ito (Lucky Boy)

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9 Responses to ♥ The List of Hope: Otsuchi Survivors ♥

  1. Ichiro Fudai says:

    I pay my respect to your great effort for Otsuchi’s recovery. I am a citizen of Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture. The City of Hanamaki houses the evacuees from Otsuchi and its neighborhood Kamaishi. Regarding the survivors’ list created by the prefectural goverment based on the reports from each municipality that houses evacuees, you can get the list here: http://www.pref.iwate.jp/ On the second link from the bottom, you can get the excel file of the survivors’ list. Unfortunately the list is written in Japanese, but at least someone who understands Japanese can check the survivors when he or she is asked.

  2. Eric Jones says:

    I was an English teacher in Otsuchi this last year. I met the exchange people when they came over. I’m back in the states now, but I was there when it hit and stayed two weeks (until my visa ran out). If you have specific questions about people, odds are I can answer them. I can confirm that every teacher and all of the Board of Education are fine. Abe Jiro-san’s daughter, wife, and house and Ogasawara Junichi-san’s apartment survived. Three students from Otsuchi Sho-gakko are ‘missing’ and three students from Otsuchi Chu-gakko are ‘missing’. Unfortunately, I don’t have the names. All other students from all schools in Otsuchi are accounted for and OK. Otsuchi Sho and Chu had relatively little tsunami damage, but burned. Kita-Sho, the first floor was completely wiped out. Aka-Sho, was destroyed. Kiri-Chu, Kiri-Sho, Ando-Sho, and Otsuchi Koukou were (barely) untouched. Again, I was there two weeks helping with the efforts and walking to every evacuation center, so any other questions, I can probably answer. Also, I have many pictures and videos, as well as some stories, up on my Facebook page, which has been set to open so anyone can see it (no need to friend me). My email is EricShannonJones@gmail.com — anyone is free to contact me.

  3. Akane Jansen says:

    I am back in Tokyo now. If there is anything I can do for you all, please let me know. My email is akane@jansenfamily.net . The Japanese news paper is showing people’s names, survived, missing or gone.

  4. ruth capers says:

    hello. are there official survivor lists in english. i am looking for a friend of a friend, Takashi Fukuda. I think he lived in Sendai. Thank you

  5. Satoko Kariya says:

    Thank you for you came to Otsuchi, Sharon!! :D
    We were very happy !!
    Thank you very much!!!!

    • sharondavis says:

      I was so happy to be there Satoko. I didn’t want to leave. I will come back. I hope you can come to Fort Bragg someday.

  6. Lee Cordova says:

    I am looking for Reiko Sasaki. My prayers are always with the Beautiful people of Japan. Reiko is from kamaishi. If any info please notify me. Mr.Lee Cordova 422 el paraiso rd. nw albuquerque,NM 87107 (505-304-7995) or loco1bbmc@msn.com or loco1bbmc@aol.com Reiko Sasaki is 44-years young DOB-November 1966

  7. Satoko Kariya says:

    Thank you very much :D

    I love your family!(^^)!

  8. Sharon Davis says:

    I love you and your family too Satoko-chan. O genki desu ka?

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